Treasury Management

Take control of your finances with Treasury Management services from Millennium Bank. We will partner with you to implement secure, scalable solutions designed to optimize your working capital and better manage your cash flow.


Business Bill Pay

Streamline your Accounts Payable process with Business Bill Pay. Make payments easily when needed by entering vendor information once or set up recurring payments that will be made automatically. Save time and money with Business Bill Pay!

  • Administer three levels of authorized users with dual control features
  • Pay any person or company in the U.S. except court-ordered payments and state and federal tax payments
  • Receive and pay e-Bills online
  • Schedule payments
  • Electronically link invoice and credit memo information with your payments
Business Bill Pay

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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote deposit allows you to make deposits easily and safely. Simply scan the items to be deposited, enter the totals and send. It's like having a 24-hour banker right in your office.

  • Get faster fund availability
  • Make deposits anytime
  • Save time and money
  • Streamline your cash flow
  • Reduce risk of check fraud
  • Work more securely
  • Scan checks from a web-connected computer
  • Electronically send deposits to the bank

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With eStatements you can view, download or print an electronic version of your statement that looks just like the paper version you receive by mail.


Notifi is here! Staying on track with your finances has never been easier. Notifi empowers our customers with relevant, real-time information they need to stay on top of their finances, delivering two-way actionable bank alerts for Business Online Banking. With Notifi from Millennium Bank, customers can:

  • Enable email, text, and/or push notifications
  • Choose where they receive alerts (mobile device or email address)
  • Set up new alerts
  • Customize alerts
  • View alert history

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Business Debit Cards

With Millennium Bank's business debit card, you can manage your expenses on a daily basis. It's a convenient way to access funds quickly and securely. Whether you need cash fast or make purchases online, your business debit card offers a wealth of benefits.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

An ACH transfer is an electronic, bank-to-bank money transfer that's processed through the Automated Clearing House Network.

Payments made by ACH are ideal for direct deposits of payroll, vendor payments, and state and federal taxes. Millennium Bank offers businesses this electronic payment method as part of its digital banking services.

Wire Transfers

Business partners, vendors or other service providers may require payment through wire transfer so they have immediate access to the funds you send. You can count on Millennium Bank for assistance in these instances.

Virtual Vault

Spend less time worrying about onsite cash and more time focusing on your customers. For businesses that make frequent deposits of cash and checks and/or require a continuous inventory of currency and coin, Virtual Vault makes it easy to improve the speed and safety of handling, depositing and transporting cash.

Sweep Services

Maximize returns and minimize interest expenses by using a sweep account to automatically move excess.


Download your Millennium Bank transactions into QuickBooks and take control of your money. Use QuickBooks smart, simple tools to manage your business accounts like a pro.

Fraud Protection

Account Alerts

Customize your account alerts via text or email about balances, transfers, payments and other transactions for bank checking and savings accounts, credit cards and ATM/debit cards.

Soft Tokens

Soft token authentication is a simple and convenient method of verifying your identity and preventing fraud. Available to all eligible Business Online Banking customers, it helps prevent unauthorized access to your business accounts and keeps them safe and secure.

Real Time Fraud Monitoring for Card Transactions

Millennium Bank continually works to protect your information and ensure your accounts are secure. This is largely through real-time fraud monitoring so you will be alerted if a debit card transaction is out of character for your normal spending habits.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay uses automation to prevent check fraud by uploading issued check files to review and decide on exception items online.

  • Positive Pay helps companies minimize exposure to fraud.
  • Positive Pay gives small business owners the ability to review and reject questionable checks, protecting hard earned money from fraudsters.
  • Matching service that ensures only the checks issued are the checks that are presented for payment. Anything that doesn’t match will create an exception report for the client to decision on.

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