Commercial Lending

At Millennium Bank, your business is our priority. Whether you’re planning to expand your business or start a new one, our seasoned team of lenders are here to provide personalized small business lending solutions and unparalleled commitment to service.


SBA Loan

As one of the strongest SBA Lenders in the Midwest, we have the experience to guide you through the process and find financing that works for you. The Small Business Administration (SBA) loans offer fast, flexible financing options with favorable terms.

Commercial Real Estate Loan

A commercial real estate loan is ideal to purchase real estate as business space or to buy properties as an investment.

Commercial Mortgage

A cost-effective and flexible loan option for refinancing your current mortgage loan, renovating your current property, or purchasing a new location. You can also use your equity for business expansion.

Business Line of Credit

Can be used for working capital. Only pay interest on the amount borrowed. Advance the funds when needed. This makes a line of credit great for businesses that occasionally need funds to cover operating expenses or purchase equipment as needed.

Equipment Financing

Your line of business may require you to buy large pieces of equipment, sometimes with a hefty price tag to produce your products or conduct your operations. Instead of buying your equipment outright, you can finance it through a loan that you can pay for over time.

Term Loan

With a Millennium Bank term loan, you can finance longer term investments. Because you can use the money however you see fit in your business, a term loan is helpful if you have different areas of expenses to cover.

Commercial Construction Loan

A commercial construction loan is a short-term loan designed for construction companies, developers, or builders to finance the construction or renovation of a commercial building.

Commercial Vehicle Loan

Purchase the cars, vans and light trucks you need to keep your business up to speed or refinance your vehicles. Take advantage of our extensive experience and ask us to create a customized commercial vehicle financing solution for you.

Bridge Loan

Bridge loans are designed to fill the gap between what a business needs at the moment and a long-term financing solution. These short-term loans have higher interest rates than permanent loans but allow businesses to meet immediate obligations by providing temporary cash flow.

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